The MORE Foundation Group is a US non-profit organization that collects gently used athletic shoes for re-use and for funding reforestation projects in needy regions. MORE provides basic supplies, tools, seeds, grow bags, compost, saplings, and agroforestry training. Essentially, MORE implements self-sustaining tree farming.

Soccer Post and the MORE Foundation have teamed up to recycle gently used athletic shoes. Instead of spending 100 years decomposing in landfills, donated shoes are sold to participating vendors in developing countries – eliminating waste, creating retail jobs, and stimulating free enterprise!

Through the One Million Tree project in Ghana, the MORE Foundation has established nurseries in protected school compounds where students are educated in the use of the MORE Farming System. Our goal is to reach 100 schools - each with 10,000 trees.

That is 1 million trees!


For more information about the MORE Foundation visit www.morefoundationgroup.org or contact Sarah Jett, sarah@SoccerPost.com for details on participating.