Wolverine Loves his Adidas

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    It has happened. Adidas has finally made a collaboration for those athletes among us with more… nerdy tastes. This set of firm-ground cleats has joined the enormous market of X-Men and other Marvel themed merchandise. These  limited-edition X-Men branded Predator Freak & Cyclops X Ghosted cleats from Adidas have all of the style you would expect out of a collab with Marvel, and their feel and functionality will help you perform like a true superhero.

Wolverine cleats

Wolverine Style Cleats


Wolverine is iconic  with 6 adamantium claws, each measuring a foot. These claws, when combined with an  ability to heal rapidly, make him  a force to be reckoned with. The hero wears a yellow and blue suit, reflected wonderfully in these boots. 

Cyclops possess destructive lasers which  shoot out from his eyes, unless he is wearing his sunglasses or visor. Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men on the field, and often finds himself helping out Professor Xavier with his school. 

Cyclops and Wolverine have clashed on many occasions. Their yin/yang, action vs justice dynamic comes into play when they discuss how to  rid the world of bad guys. Wolverine is the explosive senior superhero who loves to get rid of evil doers quickly, while some would argue Cyclops has a more pragmatic view of handling chaos and danger.  Together, Wolverine and Cyclops are extreme forces as badass good guys.

SoccerPost.com  has the new line of Wolverine & Cyclops themed firm ground cleats from the Adidas Predator line. Step on the field knowing you are unique, powerful and in control of any situation.  This type of Adidas cleat is worn by professionals like Mohamed Salah, because you can bet both Salah and Wolverine know the score. Lightweight, responsive and technologically advanced, the Adidas Predator and X-Ghosted cleats are great for your game and great collectors items, get them while you can!

Cyclops Style Cleats



Last time Adidas had a collaboration with Marvel, they released the highly sought-after Spiderman Nemeziz firm ground cleats, and to this day, this cleat with an original MSRP of $240, has been sold for upwards of $450 per set. It is no surprise that Marvel merchandise tends to appreciate in value, and also no surprise that people seeking a unique look on field found a solid purchase in either of  these cleats. 

As with many of today’s limited-edition shoe lines, these cleats have a resale market. If kept in good condition, unused, these shoes can appreciate in value, once the retail inventory has dried up. Websites like Kixify have made the market to resell shoes easy, and sneakerheads tend to love the sites easy to use policies.