I Believe!... That World Cup Competition Will Be Stiff

World Cup Qualified

At the start of the World Cup Qualifiers, the United States Men’s National Team looked to avenge their loss in the Russia 2018 World Cup Qualifiers in which they missed qualification by a single point. With a lot on the line, American’s watched game by game to see if the USMNT could take home a top three finish. Heading into the fifth and final round of the World Cup Qualifiers, they had to take on Canada, Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, El Salvador and Costa Rica. As multiple games progressed over a long period of time and the United States racked up many points, March 24th struck and the United States faced Mexico. At the time, the two countries were tied in number of points.  An injured United States Men’s team had to head into Estadio Azteca, an arena they have never won at and either tie or take down and strong Mexico Men’s team. With an outstanding performance by Matt Turner, the USMNT was able to hold off Mexico from defeating them, leaving with a tie and giving the United States a strong sense of hope as they headed into the final two games of the World Cup Qualifiers. Momentum carried and three days later the United States hosted Panama at Exploria Stadium, defeating them easily 5-1. One step away from Qatar the only way for them to lose would be a 6-0 upset as they take on Costa Rica. On March 30th, the United States lost 2-0 to Costa Rica but charged in joyful because everyone knew the USA redeemed themselves and are headed to Qatar for the World Cup.

 one nation, one team

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