Hydration Matters!

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It’s getting hot out there, and as a soccer fan or player, you must know a thing or two about perspiration. But did you know just how important it is to get the water you sweat out back into your body for ultimate hydration? Staying hydrated should be the focus of every player at every level, especially as we head into summer.

With so many candy-colored sports drinks out there, it may be easy to forget that perhaps the best way to get liquid back into your system is by drinking water, plain and simple H2O. The key benefits of drinking water are:
-optimal oxygen delivery and circulation
-regulation of body temperature
-improved muscle function
-injury prevention.

At just 2% dehydration, your body can not perform at its best. Athletes may lose 10% or more of their hydration during any given practice or competition, so drinking water before, during and after activity is essential. But do take it easy. Too much water at one time can make you feel crummy! Overall, water keeps your blood flowing, your muscles lubricated and your reaction times sharp. It’s a necessary element if you want to keep healthy, strong, and playing your best!